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401K It’s open enrollment time! The Red Roof 401(k) plan allows participants to change their contributions twice a year (for a January and July effective date). Contributions can be set up as a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your pay. And while you can only make contribution changes twice a year, you can make changes to your investments at any time. This is the perfect opportunity to review your current investment allocation determine if any changes are needed.

December 2020 401k Open Enrollment_RRI W
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  • Human Resources

One of the last pieces to the RRI West Transition is converting the UltiPro system so that Red Roof Franchising and Reservations will be in a separate system and RRI West and Inns will become one in their own system. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that is already happening and we are grateful to Ross Ashley for leading the charge on the RRI West side to help with this process. While there will not be much, you as GMs, need to do…

"we unfortunately will need to implement a hiring freeze, starting Thursday, December 10th thru Saturday, December 26th."

This is necessary in order to get all recruiting, benefits, and payroll pieces successfully transitioned to the new RRI West platform. A couple of notes:

  • We will remain with UltiPro, but the link to get there may change. We will update you accordingly as we get closer to completion date.

  • If you have a hiring need now… please make sure you have a position posted in UltiPro now to wrap up any hiring needs by December 10th.

  • Any hiring needs following the December 10th cutoff date must be discussed with HR for alternative solutions.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

In the past, VIP Passes were set at a flat rate of $49.99 and were tax exempt. Now that we are RRI West, this process has changed. Whether reserving a room or checking in a guest, you and your front desk staff will now be accepting VIP Passes at the BAR rate and posting taxes. It’s important to train your front desk staff on the proper procedures. Refer to the VIP Pass Job Aid for step by step RediStay procedures located in WEST Edge.

Memo.West Edge.VIPPasses
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RediStay - VIP Passes Franchise
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