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Use GOOGLE to Your Advantage!

Did you know that you could find a new lead by simply entering your competitor’s phone number?


When you Google a hotel’s phone number, a list of all sites where the hotel’s information is relevant will show up.  You may see many advertisements and OTA’s.  You may also find more valuable information such as companies who are referring their employees to stay at a competitor’s hotel, and/or annual events that are referring their guests to stay at a competitor.  You could uncover one of your competitors’ key accounts!


  • Don’t limit your searches to only the hotels within your competitive set, Google other hotels in your area as well.

  • Be sure to Google the hotel’s direct phone number and not their central reservation number.

Below are the results from a Google search for the Super 8, a competitor of our Red Roof Inn Rockford, IL.

When you find companies or events, like the ones highlighted above, click on their webpage to find out more information.  What information would you look for?

Rockford Systems, LLC:

Who is Rockford Systems? Are we also listed as an option for lodging with them?  Does the Super 8 mention what rate they offer for the employees of Rockford Systems?  Is there contact information listed within their webpage for the travel manager, hotel coordinator, or person in charge, with Rockford Systems?


Dog Agility Trials:

When are the trials?  Is our hotel listed as an option for lodging?  How can we become a lodging option if not?  Is there a direct booking link/landing page within the webpage that takes guests directly to the Super 8’s website?  If so, are you able to view the rates that they offer?


Don’t forget…..  Searching a phone number on Google will also work for your inn!  What webpages do you see for your inn?


Qualify your findings, do the research and make that phone call!  Share this information with your RDSM.  You just might find a great lead that could turn into a new account for your inn!

Shout out to Jamie Bryant (Newly Appointed GM) at Charleston West-Hurricane, WV for going above and beyond in taking care of a recent group she had.  Spa water, cookies and a great big welcome - nice job, Jamie!

Along with other GMs who have gone the extra mile by decorating their lobby for special events like Superbowl, having a pizza party for long term crews and overall, just showing your guests your appreciation for their business, goes a long way!  Share your stories too – we love to hear about them!

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